April is National Home Inspection Month!

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Learn About Home Inspection Standards and Legislation from the LSBHI!

April is National Home Inspection Month, the time of year in which home inspector organizations rally to share information about home inspections. LSBHI has released an educational video with useful facts and tidbits, so Louisiana home buyers understand the importance of an unbiased home inspection, as well as what to expect from a Louisiana licensed home inspector during the home buying process! The spring and summer months usually bring the most homes onto the housing market. The LSBHI has emailed a suggested inspection protocol, designed to help the general public, home inspectors and real estate agents minimize the spread of the COVID-19 virus, per Governor John Bel Edwards’ recent COVID-19 proclamation directives. Many folks in our industry are ready and willing to work, as safely as possible, to prevent the collapse of our economy and the spread of the virus. As the real estate and home inspection industry work from home, it is the perfect time to educate potential home buyers and provide them with the tools they need to make educated decisions about purchasing prospective real estate. 

LSBHI has also released a new consumer-friendly website to include new, informative features, such as videos and blogs. The new website is full of informative content, that keeps home buyers informed about Louisiana home inspection updates. For even more information, follow LSBHI on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn for the latest industry news. 

The History of Home Inspections

Home inspections are a relatively new practice in the United States. Before the 1970’s, home buyers had to settle for their own evaluations of a property. Gradually, consumers sought out a method for professionals to evaluate the big investment that is home buying. “Contract Inspectors” were born. These professionals would squeeze in a cursory inspection of a home, but it only covered the basics. It didn’t take long before homebuyers demanded professionals who could give them thorough visual assessments of the foundation, appliances, plumbing, electrical systems and home exterior. That’s where the Louisiana Board of Home Inspectors comes into Louisiana’s real estate story. We were formed to give all home buyers the tools to access a clear and accurate assessment of their new potential home.

Helping Home Buyers Make Educated Decisions

LSBHI has been serving Louisiana since 1999 by helping prospective home buyers make smart decisions about their next residential real estate investment. All licensed home inspectors have incredibly high standards and are knowledgeable about relevant building materials and techniques.

Pro Tip! Before your scheduled home inspection, LSBHI recommends creating a checklist of things you want to learn more about. That way, you can ask your Louisiana licensed home inspector direct questions during your inspection.

Louisiana Law and Home Inspections

In 2001, the Louisiana Legislature passed a law requiring all persons performing home inspections to be licensed by the State of Louisiana. This mandate protects the health and safety of prospective homebuyers, because they receive a thorough evaluation of the home and its operating systems.

The Louisiana State Board of Home Inspectors is the only licensing board authorized to license Louisiana Home Inspectors. “Our job is to help home sellers and prospective home buyers understand the condition of a property,” says LSBHI chief operating officer Morgan Spinosa. “There should be no surprises when it comes to buying a home, and a Licensed Home Inspector is there to make professional recommendation so home buyers can make the most educated decisions.”

 What You Can Expect from a Licensed Home Inspection

During a home inspection, the visual examination is only half of the evaluation. A licensed home inspector is trained to look for possible damage and hazards a homeowner might not catch until the damage becomes more advanced and will then diligently document the damage so the homebuyer can make confident purchasing decisions. A home inspection conducted by a licensed inspector will include the following:

  1. A visual examination of the major components and operating systems of the property
  2. An unbiased and professional opinion of the condition of the property
  3. Documentation of significant visible deficiencies on the day of the inspection
  4. Professional recommendations
  5. Specialized knowledge for a more informed home purchasing decision

Home Inspections are beneficial for prospective buyers, as well as homeowners. For those who are interested in selling their home but need more information about the condition of their property, it is more cost effective to hire a licensed home inspector to identify the exact areas of weakness.

About Louisiana State Board of Home Inspectors

Louisiana State Board of Home Inspectors (LSBHI) regulates residential resale home inspections in Louisiana. Their mission is to protect the safety, health, property and welfare of the general public, and to promote the growth of the real estate industry in the State of Louisiana. LSBHI currently licenses over 300 professional home inspectors statewide, that are trained, ready and willing to serve the public make an informed home buying decision, and offers a comprehensive database of their service areas and contact information on InspectLouisianaHomes.com.