License Renewal Extension Ending

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During the March 5, 2021 Quarterly Board Meeting, the Board voted to end the extension that was given for inspectors who were unable to fulfill their CE requirements for their license renewal due to the stay at home order and COVID19. The extension was put into place March 2020 to allow inspectors more time to obtain their CE without holding an expired license. When the extension was put into place, CE was not readily available and mostly online or live streamed. Now that the State is in phase 3 there are plenty of opportunities for CE.

Beginning June 4, 2021 all renewals must meet the usual requirements in order for the license to be renewed. NO EXCEPTIONS!

For a list of upcoming CE you can always visit the calendar on our website.

Live Streaming(interactive real time) will be considered “in-person” CE until June 4, 2021.
ONLINE CE-10 max hours a year-school must be online approved