LSBHI Releases Home Inspection Statistics During National Home Inspection Month

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The Louisiana State Board of Home Inspectors (LSBHI) has released recent data showing a marked increase in both licensed home inspectors and demand for home inspections from 2019 to 2020. Despite the pandemic, the real estate market boomed over the last year, increasing demand for licensed inspectors. Because Louisiana State law dictates that home buyers in need of a home inspector must hire one licensed by LSBHI, the number of licensed Louisiana State inspectors has increased over 60% from the year prior. Home inspections have also increased, with LSBHI seeing a jump of approximately 17.5% more homebuyers requesting inspections.

April is National Home Inspection Month, and the beginning of peak homebuying season. Due to the recent influx of homebuyers in need of licensed home inspectors, the Louisiana State Board of Home Inspectors (LSBHI) is releasing educational materials about Louisiana Home Inspections that benefit homebuyers, realtors, real estate associations, and inspectors. This year, LSBHI has updated its website with more resources for homebuyers and realtors. For more information about the importance of home inspections, visit

LSBHI’s New and Updated Resources Pages for Homebuyers and Realtors

The LSBHI website contains important, up-to-date information that directs homebuyers, real estate agents, and associations to relevant resources during the homebuying process.

  • Homebuyers Page: The LSBHI Homebuyers Page contains resources such as the “Find an Inspector” tool, so prospective homebuyers can find Louisiana State licensed home inspectors in their area. They will also find a three-minute educational video containing information about what to expect during the home inspection process.
  • Realtors Page: With many real estate agents working from home and conducting virtual tours, LSBHI saw the need for one, simple-to-use Resources Page for realtors. LSBHI has compiled a list of the most common questions realtors receive about home inspections and put the answers all in one place. This information is consolidated so it can be easily shared with homebuyers and other real estate agents.
  • LSBHI PSA: LSBHI has released a full-length educational PSA detailing the importance of home inspections. In this video, LSBHI demonstrates the areas in which a home inspector will check, and the safety benefits that coincide with scheduling a home inspection.

Louisiana Law and Home Inspections

In 2001, the Louisiana Legislature passed a law requiring all persons performing home inspections to be licensed by the State of Louisiana. This mandate protects the health and safety of prospective homebuyers because they receive a thorough evaluation of the home and its operating systems.

LSBHI chief operating officer, Morgan Spinosa, has seen how COVID-19 has affected the real estate market. “Louisiana licensed home inspectors are trained to look beyond the initial impression of a property,” says Morgan. “We released this PSA to educate home buyers about the importance of home inspections and expectations.”

About Louisiana State Board of Home Inspectors

Louisiana State Board of Home Inspectors (LSBHI) regulates residential resale home inspections in Louisiana. Its mission is to protect the safety, health, property, and welfare of the general public. LSBHI currently licenses over 300 professional home inspectors statewide that are trained, ready, and willing to serve the public make an informed home buying decision, and offers a comprehensive database of licensed home inspectors, their service areas, and contact information on